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We are a Toledo, Ohio based family owned , women owned, and black owned company. We take pride in making all of our products ourselves. Learn more about us by following the info/reviews link in the header.

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- About The Brand -

Pea Pod Pixie: A History


It started out with our love of baking and crafting and grew into a career, one that we hope to live for many years to come.


     Although November 9th, 2016 is the date we launched our website and officially started selling to the public; we began our journey December 22, 2010. We spent six years learning and practicing our recipes. Testing them out, seeing what worked and, more often than not, what didn't work. We have loved every rise and every fall we've had building this company, and we are happy share it.

Quality Commitment


     Here at Pea Pod Pixie Gift Shop we pride ourselves on crafting and providing artisan products. We use only top quality ingredients in all of our creations. We even go as far to keep our bath and body items  small batch for quality control. We use our products ourselves so that we know we can stand by them with confidence.

     Our hair accessories*, jewelry, home decor**, and clothing*** are all of our own creation. We endeavor to offer you beautiful pieces that will stand out on you or in your home.

*Our hair flowers are handcrafted and like real flowers will look similar to kin flowers, however, they will inevitably be unique.

**We have nature photography portraits and landscapes. These images are not mass printed but as they are photography the images will not differ if double of one is ordered.

*** This excludes Pixie gear which are premade , shirts and bags etc, with our logo and signature printed on it. Our scarves and such follow patterns and more likely to vary in color and size than style.