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We are a Toledo, Ohio based family owned , women owned, and black owned company. We take pride in making all of our products ourselves. Learn more about us by following the info/reviews link in the header.

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What's in our Harry Potter inspired line?

The full line up

It would be easier to answer what isn't in our HP line. We of course represent all the houses so I guess the first thing I'll do is talk about each of dorm.

First up Gryffindor. The Brave set has hints of cinnamon, orange, embers, and baked goods. We have a set available for each house featuring the bath bomb, lotion, and wax tart, and body wash.

Next up is Ravenclaw, my personal favorite being one myself. Ravenclaw, or The Wise as we call it, has hints of earl grey tea, coffee, salty sea, and books. Like The Brave it too has a bath bomb, wax tart, body wash, and lotion all available separately or as a set.

Next we have Slytherin that we set up as The Cunning. This set has hints of cool mint, evergreen, and pine.

Last but certainly not least we have Hufflepuff, The Loyal. This set has a clean and fresh fragrance with hints of grass, lemon, ginger, and fresh turned earth.

New to school? Don't worry we got you covered with our Flue Dust bubble powder, choosing cap bath bomb, and hydrating Autumn at Hogwash lotion to keep your skin moisturized in that drafty castle.

Ready to advance your magic? We have just the set for you. Master the lucky potion with a lotion, body wash, and wax tart. Find out what animal will save you from the deadly kiss with our Familiar bath crush. Seek out the Golden Split in a high flying game.

Don't stay cooped up, all work and no play makes Harry a dull boy. Take a visit to that lovely wizard village and cool you heels with the Madame over nice mug of Buttered Ale.

Our other great gift sets include Four Houses bath bomb and Four Houses wax tarts where you get all four dorms at a discount price. You an also person most items separately if you don't fancy a whole set.

If I had to choose a favorite scent above all it would be Lucky Potion with hints of amber, bergamot, black pepper, and sage. Our other items smell beautiful too, allow me to tell you about them. Golden Split has a rich rosewood fragrance that is simple and soothing. Flue Dust has the sharp scent of a campfire. Buttered Ale smells and taste of butterscotch and Irish cream. The Familiar bath crush has a soft woods smell with a hint of frost. Autumn At Hogwash smells of night jasmines,violets, cashmere, and lilies.

These wonderful product are all limited in stock so grab them now before they are gone!

No wands are included with any item!