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We are a Toledo, Ohio based family owned , women owned, and black owned company. We take pride in making all of our products ourselves. Learn more about us by following the info/reviews link in the header.

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Why we chose the ingredients for this product


Coffee - When used topically is calming due to it's antioxidants. It is anti-inflammatory which makes it great fighting acne, it is rich in vitamin B3 which is believed to help fight skin cancer making it great for after sun skin care.


Sea Clay - Absorbs dirt and impurities, can reduce appearance of pores and fine lines. Helps skin to feel more toned when used as a mask.


Lotus extract - Helps to control sebum production which intern could help balalnce out oily skin whilst still hydrating. Great for mature skin


Green Tea extract - High in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, helps protect skin against enviormental pollutants.

Coffee & See Clay facial scrub

  • coffee, sea clay, coconut oil, phenonip, green tea & lotus extract