"The face wash was great! It didn’t dry out my face and the scent wasn’t to strong which can be irritating with other face washes. The soaps are amazing, almost to pretty to use! I loved the details that went into my order right down to the beautiful packaging! Will definitely buy again!" April

"This girl powered team are amazing at what they do! I ordered two body scrubs, some lip scrubs, and a bath bomb. I got two little samples in with my order too 🤗 Everything smells AMAZING and works well too! Lush and Bath and Body Works better look out, Pea Pod Pixie is top notch." Ashlei

"My definite new go to for bath bombs! They smell so amazing and leave your skin super soft and smelling good for hours after. Can not recommend enough!" Simon

"I LOVE the rose bubble crumbles!! So luxurious! Add a glass of wine and I’m in heaven!" Katie

"I purchased their lip balms and they are wonderful! The bath bombs are amazing too!" Martha

"I purchased their lip balms and they are wonderful! The bath bombs are amazing too!" Martha

"The Maralyn Face Butter from Pea Pod Pixie Gift Shop has quickly become a favorite! I've been using a small amount of this every morning for almost 2 weeks and my skin has responded so well. I have very sensitive, very difficult skin. It's normally bone-dry, flaky and peeling, while also plagued with red, inflamed, painful acne. Yikes. Ever since I started using this, my skin has barely flaked/peeled at all and my acne has started to clear up. It's not completely gone but the inflammation has decreased a ton. Nothing else in my skin care routine has changed, so right now, I'm calling this a holy grail product! 11/10 would recommend." Cassie

A few days ago I finished up my Whipped Coffee Scrub. I LOVE that scrub. It smells absolutely delicious, the butters are so moisturizing and the coffee grounds work as an excellent body scrub. It took me about 3 months to work through that container using it once or twice a week

I opened up Miss Peabody not knowing at all what to expect from this body polish.

The scent is so soft and floral and feminine. While this polish isn't as heavy on the butters like the coffee scrub, my skin still feels smooth and moisturized after using it and the scent lingers.
The polish offers a much softer exfoliation than the scrub because it uses sugar. I didn't pay much attention to the difference when I purchased so I'm noting it here.

I've really enjoyed everything I've purchased from this shop so far. -Nikki